AdvaNum Feature Matrix

The table below summarizes a breakdown of AdvaNum product line features by the individual products. The table uses following abbreviations for the product names:

Mill CAM-AdvaNum Milling CAM
NC Ver-AdvaNum NC Verification
MPL-AdvaNum CNC Macro Library
Prog Edit-AdvaNum Program Editor
Features Advanum Products
Mill CAM NC Ver MPL Prog Edit
CAD Import of drawing files in DXF format Yes No No No
Creation and editing of part drawings Yes No No No
Numerous methods of new entities definitions Yes No No No
Support for building chamfers, fillets and spline curves Yes No No No
Various geometrical transformations of drawing entities Yes No No No
CAM Contours to define tool movements along continuous path Yes No No No
Pockets with island avoidance Yes No No No
Procedures to specify tool movements basing on parameters Yes No No No
CodeBlock to include arbitrary text into NC programs Yes No No No
Task List to organize contours, pockets, procedures and CodeBlocks Yes No No No
Graphical post-processor editor Yes No No No
Support for numerous G-code output formats Yes No No No
NC Tool path graphical program simulation No Yes No No
Realistic solid graphics modeling of machining process No Yes No No
Step-by-step debugging of NC programs No Yes No No
Simulation, solid visualization and debugging of CL-Data files No Yes No No
Full compatibility with standard G-code set No Yes No No
Extra Comprehensive NC editor with many specialized features Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cutting conditions (spindle speed/feed rate ratio) optimization Yes Yes No No
Language Wizard to edit NC programs in conversational way Yes Yes Yes Yes
CNC Macro Library with about 70 Fanuc-compatible macros No No Yes No

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