AdvaNum CNC Processor

AdvaNum CNC Processor is a G-code execution server, which translates CNC programs into either simulation data or motion controller commands.
In simulation mode, AdvaNum CNC Processor can run on any Windows (tm) operating system to simulate and debug CNC programs without having an access to a real machine tool. In this mode, AdvaNum CNC Processor is used in AdvaNum NC Verification product.
AdvaNum CNC Processor can be also used to control real CNC machines. In this mode, it executes CNC programs in real time and translate then into a set of motion commands that are sent to a third-party motion controller. This version of AdvaNum CNC Processor can be used to implement custom CNC systems.

Supported G-codes

G-Code Group Function Format
G00 1 Positioning G00 X_ Y_ Z_
G01 1 Linear interpolation G01 X_ Y_ Z_ F__
G02/G03 1 Circular interpolation (CW/CCW) G17 {G02 / G03} X_ Y_ {R_ / I_ J_} F
G18 {G02 / G03} X_ Z_ {R_ / I_ K_} F_
G19 {G02 / G03} Y_ Z_ {R_ / J_ K_} F_
G04 0 Dwell G04 {X_ / P_}
G05 0 High-speed machining G05 P_
P = 1: On
P = 0: Off
G06.1 1 NURBS interpolation G06.1 X_ Y_ Z_
G09 0 Exact stop G09 {G01 / G02 / G03}
G10 0 Change of offset value by program G10 L10 P_ R_
G10 L11 P_ R_
G10 L2 P_ X_ Y_ Z_
G15 17 Cancel polar coordinates G15
G16 17 Polar coordinates G17 G16 X_ Y_
G18 G16 X_ Z_
G19 G16 Y_ Z_
G17 2 XY place selection G17
G18 2 YZ place selection G18>
G20 6 Inch input selection G20
G21 2 Metric input selection G21
G28 0 Return to reference point G28 X_ Y_ Z_
G29 0 Return from reference point G29 X_ Y_ Z_
G40 7 Cutter compensation cancel {G17 / G18 / G19} G40 X_ Y_ Z_ D_
G41 7 Cutter compensation left side {G17 / G18 / G19} G41 X_ Y_ Z_ D_
G42 7 Cutter compensation right side {G17 / G18 / G19} G42 X_ Y_ Z_ D_
G43/G44 8 Tool length compensation {G43 / G44} Z_ H_
G49 8 Tool length compensation cancel G49
G45 0 Tool offset extension G45 X_ Y_ D_
G46 0 Tool offset contraction G46 X_ Y_ D_
G47 0 Tool offset double extension G47 X_ Y_ D_
G48 0 Tool offset double contraction G48 X_ Y_ D_
G51 11 Scaling G51 X_ Y_ Z_ P_
G50 11 Scaling cancel G50
G51.1 11 Programmable mirror image G51.1 X_ Y_ Z_
G50.1 11 Programmable mirror image cancel G50.1
G52 0 Setting of local coordinate system G52 X_ Y_ Z_
G53 0 Command in machine coordinate system G53 X_ Y_ Z_
G54-G59 14 Selection of work coordinate system {G54 - G59} X_ Y_ Z_
G60 0 Single direction positioning G60 X_ Y_ Z_
G61 15 Exact stop mode G61
G62 15 Automatic corner override G62
G64 15 Cutting mode G64
G65 12 Custom macro call G65 P_ {Arguments}
G66 12 Custom macro modal call G66 P_ {Arguments}
G67 12 Cancel of custom macro modal call G67
G68 16 Coordinate system rotation G68 {G17 X_ Y_ / G18 X_ Z_ / G19 Y_ Z_} R_
G69 16 Cancel of coordinate system rotation G69
G80 9 Cancel of canned cycle G80
G81-G89 9 Canned cycle call {G81 - G89} {Parameters}
G90 3 Absolute programming mode G90
G91 3 Incremental programming mode G91
G92 0 Change of work coordinate G92 X_ Y_ Z_
G94 5 Feed per minute G94
G95 5 Feed per revolution G95
G98 10 Initial point return G98
G99 10 R-point return G99

Macro-program support

AdvaNum CNC Processor fully supports Fanuc CNC language compatible macro-programs including support for variables, program flow control statements, arithmetical and logical operations and modal sub-routine calls.

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